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According to a report from AAFPRS, American Academy of Facial plastics and Reconstructive Surgery rhinoplasty has been the most frequently used in cosmetic procedures. Patients under the age of 35 frequently use this surgery and with time the popularity is increasing. With such popularity, would be patients are demanding better outcomes from plastic surgeons and so begins the pursuit of finding the best there is.

What actually is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very popular term these days as lot of individuals are going for this surgery. There are many individuals who are not happy with their nose and for that reason they wants it to be fixed for health reasons or modified for cosmetic reasons, regardless of reason, the surgery is known as rhinoplasty. It goes by other names too, such as nose job, nose surgeon or cosmetic plastic surgery for the nose and similar. For some persons facing breathing problems (as with a deviated septum) or their nose appears out of balance or not to their liking, a top rhinoplasty surgeon can provide patients with most satisfying options and solutions.

What are the purposes of rhinoplasty?

There are lots of complaints and problems related to nose, few have short term or long term breathing problems and some patients complain about the shape of their nose. With a rhinoplasty surgeon they can help in correcting the following problems:

  • Nose that creates problems in breathing
  • Nose that are too much blunt or pointy
  • Noses that are undersized, oversized or unnatural
  • Noses that are warped
  • Noses that have deformities

Rhinoplasty Surgery Oakville Solution
How complex is a nose operation?

Rhinoplastly is a complicated operation dealing with the anatomical intricacy of the nose. It is a complicated plastic surgery and is usually carried out with anaesthesia. For a patient, it is really important to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the potential physical changes and the risks that are inherent in surgery.

What is important to know about rhinoplasty?

The surgery is usually completed within a few hours, and the patient may face breathing problems and results may take as long as a year to fully show. There are many variables, thickness and nature of the skin, thickness and nature of the tissues and also the healing process of that individual affects the total outcome of the surgery. There may be need for additional surgeries later in order to achieve higher tuning. Subsequent surgeries are called revision rhinoplasty, this is more complicated and is more expensive to get done.

Where such operations are conducted?

Nose job surgery is provided in plastic surgery clinics as well as hospitals. For top Rhinoplasty Surgery in Oakville Ontario Canada, see for listings.


Before and After Nose Job Surgery Simulation

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