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Toronto Rhinoplasty Surgeons

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What is it?

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is the process of reshaping the cartilages and bones of the nose to make them aesthetically more beautiful or to solve some medical problems, usually related to breathing. Today, rhinoplasty has become very common and there are many clinics which are advertising and offering their services.

Want the best? Here is the Who, how and why.

Rhinoplasty can only be performed by surgeons who have been approved for either facial plastic surgery or head and neck surgery by the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. But the certification alone does not mean that the surgeon is an expert in doing this type of surgery. Doing the surgery optimally requires a lot of experience on the part of the surgeon. Photo album review of each surgeons work is a great way to determine if they have experience and specialize in this type of surgery (they should have a large volume of client photo) and in their skills (assessing the end results provided past patients). When looking at past work, consider that one of the attributes of a skilled surgeon is reflected in his success with minimizing the appearance of visible scars, especially for nose jobs that make open incisions as this is outward visible cutting between the nostrils under the nose. Note that it is easy to hide scars from closed incision nose job surgery as it is inside the nose and the handiwork is not visible to asses.

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Good Candidacy?

Rhinoplasty can be performed as early as 15 years of age. Any younger and there is the concern of growth changing the work done. Aside from physical growth considerations, cosmetic surgery changes appearances which affect persons mentally and emotionally. Each potential patient needs to asses the benefits and risks for their situation. A consult with your surgeon may reject requests for a procedure based on health, growth, as well as potential mental or emotional concerns. When it comes to youth and children, general best practices suggest postponing a procedure until one is emotionally and physically mature. Since, it changes the appearance of face, emotional maturity is required to cope with the reactions of the world after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Costs

In Toronto, first time or primary rhinoplasty tends to cost anywhere from $3000-$12,000. It depends on the complexity of the procedure and experience of the surgeon in this field. To ensure that one is getting the best deal for rhinoplasty surgery costs Toronto, one should always get quotes from multiple surgeons to get compare value. However, one should also keep in mind that in this case, cheap price is not best way to select a most satisfactory end result and may even increase likelihood of needing it done again by another cosmetic plastic surgeon nose specialist. Keep in mind, a botched rhinoplasty surgery can leave permanent scars on the face and physical consequences to endure. Also note, a revised rhinoplasty will result in much higher costs, it is much more complicated and likely to have greater risks, than the initial procedure.

Financial Assistance?

For cosmetic surgery, one will not get financial support from their Health Insurance Company or assistance from Ministry of Health (OHIP). In cases where the surgery is being done to correct medical problems in addition to the cosmetic procedure, cost for the medical procedure (ex: breathing problems) it is likely to be covered by both the insurance company and Ministry of Health. Also, you are not likely to get any sick leave from work when done for a cosmetic only procedure.

What to Expect?

Typically the total nose job surgery lasts for a few hours and a patient is not expected to stay for more than 12 hours in the clinic or hospital. After the surgery, will have pain and bruising which are managed with pain medication. The swelling and bruising from surgery is healed for the most part in the first two weeks. However, complete healing can take as long as six months to a year. One should take extra precautions in the first two weeks after the surgery. Smoking up to 2 weeks after the surgery can result in bleeding from nose. Also, one should avoid blowing their nose up to 2 weeks after surgery. It is also recommended that there shouldn’t be any external pressure put on the nose after 6 to 8 weeks from the surgery as the bones are still in the process of stabilizing. Patients are told wait for at least 4 weeks before trying exercises or sports as it takes this long (and for some even longer) for bones to heal.

Rhinoplasty is a good option for getting the nose you always wanted. It is a permanent correction and if done by an experienced skilled surgeon, it can provide a perfectly shaped nose without any visible scars. The end results can enable person to overcome health problems, enhance their appearance, build confidence for a more enriched life.


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